Carl Perkins Happy Birthday

Real simple gang! It’s Carl Perkins birthday April 9th. I’m just celebrating his birthday.


Happy Birthday Carl Perkins April 9, 1932


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Carl’s biggest hit record is “Blue Suede Shoes”, NO, it’s NOT an Elvis Presley record. Even though most people think it is.


December 1956, this happened. The million dollar quartet session. From left to right, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash. Mr. Perkins told me about the session. It was his recording session, Elvis showed up and “There went my session”. This is my LP from the session that Carl Perkins autographed in 1989.


Before Elvis got there, Carl was able to record my favorite song by him “Your True Love”. He told me he hired Jerry Lee Lewis to play on the session for $15. Jerry Lee was signed to Sun records but had not yet had a hit, so Carl hired him.


This is a colorized photo, but it’s still cool.


1956 Carl Perkins and that “other fella” from Memphis.

Carl Perkins 1957

From the 1957 film “Jamboree”. Carl is playing a Gibson Les Paul gold top guitar. The very same guitar that he used on most of his Sun records.


Carl Perkins 1960's

From 1960


With Johnny Cash, on John’s TV show.

CarlPerkins George Harrison

Carl with George Harrison. I can’t remember what group George played in.