That’s All Right

Recorded on July 5th, 1954, Elvis Presley’s first commerially released record. Also, a few other dates of note in the life of the “King Of Rock n’Roll”

CharlesLaughtonEdSullivanJuly 1st, 1899 Charles Laughton Happy Birthday

Mr. Laughton introduced Presley on Elvis’ first appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show”. Sullivan was in the hospital at the time from a car accident.

SteveAllen1July 1st, 1956

Elvis Presley appeared on The Steve Allen Show. He wore a tuxedo and sang “Hound Dog” to a basset hound.

SteveAllen2Many Elvis fans thought it was a deliberate attempt to humiliate Elvis and ridicule Rock ‘n’ Roll music, but Allen insisted for years that he meant no disrespect and that Elvis was in on the gag from the beginning and thought it was hilarious. The King earned $5,000 for the performance and headed for the studio the next day to record the song for a single release. It was his only appearance on the Steve Allen T.V. Show N.B.C. Sunday Night WRCA-TV’s

HyGardnerJuly 1st, 1956

Elvis Presley his only appearance on the Hy Gardner T.V. Show N.B.C. Sunday Night WRCA-TV’s

sunrecords15July 1st, 1969

Sam Phillips sells the legendary Sun Records Studio in Memphis to Shelby Singleton. Sun, more than any other record company, was responsible for the emergence of White Rock ‘n’ Roll in the mid-1950’s. Here’s a copy of my “Million Dollar Quartet” L.P. signed by Carl “Blue Suede Shoes” Perkins, W.S. Holland, his drummer, Sam Phillips & Shelby Singleton

476604AJuly 2nd, 1956

Elvis Presley records “Hound Dog”,

476604Band “Don’t Be Cruel”

476643Aand”Anyway You Want Me” all million sellers according to R.C.A. Victor Records

HoundDogThorntonPeacockHere’s a “Pic” of the original 78 R.P.M. by Big Mama” released 1953

EP209A-1July 5th, 1954

Elvis Presley records his first commercially released single “That’s All Right” Sun Records #209. Above is the 45 R.P.M. (Revolutions Per Minute) version. The diameter of the record is 7 inches.

EP209CAbove is the 78 R.P.M. (Revolutions Per Minute) version. The diameter of the record is 10 inches.

ArthurCrudupThe song was originally written and recorded by blues legend, Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup.

EP209B-1July 7th, 1954

Elvis Presley records “Blue Moon Of Kentucky” the “B” side of his first commercially released record on Sun 209. Above is the 45

EP209DHere is the 78 version

BillMonroe1The song was originally written and recorded by Bluegrass/Country great Bill Monroe in 1946