The Beatles Last Concert

Monday, Aug. 29th, 1966 the Beatles performed their last concert in San Francisco, CA. Yes, they did one more live performance on the rooftop of Apple studios, however that was a last minute thing for them. The Candlestick Show was part of a tour where tickets were sold and people knew about it. Thus my reference to THIS show as their last concert.

BeatlesCandleatickAug29,1966Capacity was 42,500 only 25,000 tickets sold. You can see a LOT of empty seats in this photo. It was a “School Night” and parents wouldn’t allow their kids to attend.

EmperorGeneNelsonM.C. was Disc Jokey “Emperor” Gene Nelson of KYA Radio 1260 A.M.

BeatlesCandlestickSeats $4.50 and $6.50

BeatlesConcert6604Beatles fee $90,000.00

Here’s a list of the opening acts on the bill  that night:

RemainsThe Remains

BobbyHebbBobby Hebb who’s single,“Sunny”  was at No. 3 on Billboard’s R&B charts and No. 2 Pop. A reporter wrote that it was kind of funny to see Bobby singing his hit “Sunny” as the fog rolled in.

Cyrkle1The Cyrkle

Ronettes1The Ronettes

Yesteday&Today2Show started 8:00 P.M. Beatles started 9:27 P.M.

Yesterday&Today“Yesterday & Today” was the No. 1 L.P. on Billboard’s Chart at the time of the show. You can see here both covers. The one most of us have and the infamous “Buthcher” cover that was quickly taken off of the market.

BeatlesConcert6603The Songs the Beatles Performed were:

RockAndRollMusicRock ‘N Roll Music

(Written & originally recorded and preformed by Chuck Berry)

ShesAWomanShe’s A Woman

(Lennon & McCartney)

The song peaked at No. 4 here in the U.S. on Billboard’s Hot-100 singles chart.

RubberSoulIf I Needed Someone

(George Harrison)

This is the ONLY time the Beatles performed a George Harrison original tune LIVE & in concert. From the L.P. “Rubber Soul”.

DayTripperDay Tripper

(Lennon & McCartney)

The song peaked at No. 5 here in the U.S. on Billboard’s Hot-100 singles chart. The ‘Flip’ side of the single “We Can Work It Out”, not performed at the show, went to No.1.

Beatles65Baby’s In Black

(Lennon & McCartney)

An “Album Track” that appeared here in the States on the L.P. “Beatles ’65”.

BeatlesForSaleFor the rest of the world, the song is on the L.P. “Beatles For Sale”.

IFeelFineI Feel Fine

(Lennon & McCartney)

The ‘Flip Side’ of “She’s A Woman”. “I Feel Fine” charted as well and peaked at No. 1 for three weeks on Billboard’s Hot-100.


(Lennon & McCartney)

To this day, Capitol records lists “Yesyerday” as the “B” side of this single probably because Paul is the only Beatle on it. It peaked at No. 1 while the “A” side, “Act Naturally”, sung by Ringo,  only went to No. 47. “Act Naturally”, though performed on the Ed Sullivan T.V. show, was not performed at this concert.

IwannabeyourmanstonesI Wanna Be Your Man

(Lennon & McCartney)

                 Ringo Starr lead vocal. The second single in England by the Rolling Stones, peaking at No. 12 on the English charts. Released in the U.S. as the “B’ side of “Not Fade Away”.

MeetTheBeatlesThe Beatles version can be found on the L.P. “Meet The Beatles”released in the U.S.

WithTheBeatlesThe rest of the world got it on the L.P.“With The Beatles”.

NowhereManNowhere Man

(Lennon & McCartney)

                 This peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot-100 singles chart. The ‘Flip Side’ was not performed at the show.

“What Goes On” only made it to No. 81 and is the ONLY song in Beatle history when the songwriting credit went to Lennon/McCartney/Starkey    (i.e. John, Paul & Ringo).

PaperbackWriterPaperback Writer

(Lennon & McCartney)

Another No. 1 single on Billboard. The “B” side, “Rain” was not performed and went to No. 23 on the charts.

LongTallSally45Long Tall Sally

       (written by: written by Robert “Bumps” Blackwell, Enotris Johnson, and Little Richard.

Originally recorded & performed by Little Richard. Above is the 45 R.P.M. version and below, the 78 R.P.M.

   LongTallSally78       YellowSubmarineIronically, “Yellow Submarine” was at No. 8 up from No. 52. In it’s second week on the Hot-100 and was not performed at the show.

Also not performed was the ‘Flip Side’ of the single, “Eleanor Rigby”. At the time of the concert it was at No. 65 during it’s first week the same chart. This is Understandable however, due to the strings on this track. Then again, they did “Yesterday” without the strings.

RevolverRevolver”, my FAVORITE L.P. by them, hits the Album chart a few weeks later on 09-03-66

BeatlesConcert6605“John wanted to give up (performing live) more than the others. He said that he’d had enough.” – Ringo Starr.

BeatlesConcert6607“Before one of the last numbers, we actually set up this camera, I think it had a fisheye, a wide-angle lens. We set it up on the amplifier and Ringo came off the drums, and we stood with our backs to the audience and posed for a photograph, because we knew that was the last show.” – George Harrison

CandleStick66Paul had asked Beatle insider, Tony Barrow to make a cassette recording of the show which he did and got most of it too. The tape ran out durning “Long Tall Sally”, the last song.

“At San Francisco airport, as our plane prepared to take off, Paul’s head came over the top of my seat from the row behind: ‘Did you get anything on tape?’ I passed the cassette recorder back to him: ‘I got the lot, except that the tape ran out in the middle of Long Tall Sally.’ He asked if I had left the machine running between numbers to get all the announcements and the boys’ ad lib remarks. I said: ‘It’s all there from the guitar feedback before the first number.”

“Back in London I kept the concert cassette under lock and key in a drawer of my office desk, making a single copy for my personal collection and passing the original to Paul for him to keep. Years later my Candlestick Park recording re-appeared in public as a bootleg album. If you hear a bootleg version of the final concert that finishes during Long Tall Sally it must have come either from Paul’s copy or mine, but we never did identify the music thief!” -Tony Barrow