If I Can Dream

Recorded on June 23rd, 1968, here’s a little more history on the “Singer Presnets Elvis” T.V. Show which was broadcasted 50 years ago.

“If I Can Dream”


was a song specially written for Elvis Presley’s T.V. Special which was originally broadcasted on Dec. 3rd, 1968.

┬áThe song was written by Walter Earl Brown and was used as the finale of the show. It was requested by Presley following the, then, recent deaths of Martin Luther King Jr. (Apr. 4th, 1968) & U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy (June 6th, 1968). Thus it’s the 50th anniversary of all of these events. Earl Brown’s lyrics take direct quotes from Dr. King. The song was recorded on June 23rd, 1968. The song was released in Nov. 5th, 1968 before the T.V. show aired, thus no mention of the show on the original picture sleeve for the single.

479670BAbove, the picture sleeve for singles released after the show the T.V. Show aired and thus, mentions it. The single charted on Billboard’s Hot-100 (Singles) chart for 13 weeks and peaked at No. 12.

4470643A“If I Can Dream” was Presley’s biggest hit single and first million seller in three (3) years. The previous one was “Crying In The Chapel” from 1965.

IfICanDream4Part of the scenes filmed for “If I Can Dream” for the finale of the show

IfICanDream2The song and this scene were so successful, that a photo from this was used for the front cover of the soundtrack L.P./Album.

KingInTheRingAn L.P. vinyl record released for “Record Store Day 2018” depicts the “Sit Down” live portions filmed on June, 27th, 1968. I really appreciate the thought that went into the photo used for the front cover as one can clearly see Scotty Moore, Presley’s guitarist from 1954-1968 and D.J. Fontana on the right, Elvis’ drummer from 1955-1968.

553271_10152512863568693_680228800466502029_nThere were two more shows filmed live in the “Ring” on June 29th, 1968

ep__139_Another view of the “Stand Up” shows taped on the 29th. As this year is the 50th anniversary of this incredible show, I will be doing several “Lounge/Blogs” on this so stay tuned!