In The Ghetto

In the Ghetto” (originally titled “The Vicious Circle“) is a 1969 song recorded by Elvis Presley. It peaked in Billboard’ Top-10 the week of June 14th, 1969 FIFTY years ago! It was Presley’s first Top-10 single on Billboard’s Hot-100 in FOUR years.

InTheGhettoLabelIt was written by Mac Davis though the record label writer’s credit is listed as Scott Davis. It was a major comeback hit released in 1969 as a 45 rpm single with “Any Day Now” as the flip side.

So let’s look at the entire Top-10 for that week:

GetBack1 Get Back – The Beatles With Billy Preston

Romeo&Juliet2 Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet- Henry Mancimi & His Orchestra

InTheGhetto3 In The Ghetto – Elvis Presley

BadMoonRising4 Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Though CCR had many singles that came with picture sleeves in the U.S.A. that practice would not start for anther year. Up until this point, their singles came in standard, plan white sleeves.

Love(CanMakeYouHappy)5 Love (Can Make You Happy) – Mercy

GrazingInTheGrass6 Grazing In The Grass -The Friends Of Distinction


7 Oh Happy Day – The Edwin Hawkins’ Singers Featuring Dorothy Combs Morrison

TooBusyThinkingBoutMyBaby8 Too Busy Thinking About My Baby – Marvin Gaye

TheseEyes9 These Eyes – The Guess Who

One10 One – Three Dog Night

Here’s some interesting facts about the single “In The Ghetto”:

Memories“Ghetto” made its debut on Billboard May 3rd, 1969.“Memories”, Presley’s previous single, was at No. 41 that week. Two weeks earlier, April 19th, 1969, “Memories” peaked at No. 35.

MemoriesLabel“Memories” was the second of two (2) singles released from the “Singer Presents Elvis” T.V. Special. It was co-written by Billy Strange and Mac Davis (who also wrote “In The Ghetto”).

Charro“Charro” the ‘Flip’ side of “Memories” was also co-written by Billy Strange and Mac Davis. It was the theme song to Presley’s current movie. “Charro” was played over the opening credits. It was Presley’s ONLY film that he never sang a song in.

”Ghetto” made its debut on Billboard May 3rd, 1969.“Ghetto” checked in at No. 79 while “Lodi”, by CCR made it’s debut at No. 78 and it’s ‘Flip’ side “Bad Moon Rising” debuted at No. 80.

LodiNo. 78 (Debut)

AnyDayNowNo. 79 (Debut)

BadMoonRisingSleeveNo. 80 (Debut)

InTheGhettoGold“In The Ghetto” was Presley’s first Domestic Million Seller in four years.

CryingInTheChapelGoldHis previous Domestic Million Seller was “Crying In The Chapel”

CryingInTheChapel“In The Ghetto” would go on to peak at No. 3 in Billboard’s Top-10. “Crying In The Chapel” was not only his last single before this to be a Million Seller, Not only his last Top-10 single before this, but it would also peaked at No. 3 in Billboard’s Top-10!

ElvisBeatles1This would be the second of only THREE times Presley AND the Beatles would be in the Top-10 together.


The first time was June 12th, 1965 “Crying In The Chapel” was at No. 3 while the Beatle’s “Ticket To Ride” was at No. 9.The second time was FIFTY years ago when “In The Ghetto” was No. 3 and “Get Back” was No. 1.

Now how did “In The Ghetto” do on the local charts here in San Francisco? These are from my scrap book that I kept when I was 13 years old. KYA 1260 AM radio published their Top-30 chart just about every Saturday in the San Francisco Examiner. Here we go:










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