Singer Presents Elvis, 50th Anniversary Pt.1

It’s the 50th anniversary of the “Singer Presents Elvis” T.V. Special. It first aired on Dec. 3rd, 1968 on the N.B.C. network. The “Live” segments were taped on June 27th & 29th, 1968.

Scan 1Here, for the first installment of this series of “Lounge” pages, is an interview published in the San Francisco Examiner on Thurs. June 27th, 1968. Good thing I found my old scrap books eh?


Below are clippings from the San Francisco Examiner, Dec. 3rd, 1968:


Scan 14

Scan 15From the T.V. section of the S.F. Examiner on 12-03-68

Scan 16

Scan 12San Francisco Examiner “Pink/Sunday/Entertainment” section sometime after the show first aired in December 1968:

Next week, Pt. 2 of this 8 part series. This part will be on the single “If I Can Dream” including the charts from our K.Y.A. 1260 A.M. radio charts as they were printed in the San Francisco Examiner!

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