Singer Presents Elvis, 50th Anniversary Pt.7

On Sunday, August 17th, 1969, the “Singer Presents Elvis” T.V. had it’s first re-run. Again there were hand outs at the Singer stores but no where near what they had the previous Nov.-Dec.


Above is the front side of a free hand out similar but not the same as the one you could get from the first showing.


Here’s the backside of the hand out.


This is a hand out from the International hotel plugging his live gigs there and the rerun of the “Singer Presents Elvis” show.



By August of 1969 a LOT has happened to Presley’s career. By this time he is performing in concert-LIVE again in Las Vegas. He’s had four singles make Billboard’s Top-40. “If I Can Dream” (No. 12), “Memories” (No. 35), “In The Ghetto” (No. 3) & “Clean Up Your Own Backyard” (No. 35).


Attempts to revitalize his acting career, hoping to catch some of the synergy from the Live Shows and Hit Singles are in the works. These attempts however are still failing under the pressure of three years of bad films with bad songs.


Another film is made, Presley got what he said he wanted, a serious film with no singing in it. The name was “Charro”.


In a LOT of the publicity around this film, it was stressed that there were no songs.




Yet it seems, even by this reviewer of the film in the San Francisco Examiner feel that douching the bad songs wasn’t enough.

Scan 6

The T.V. Show is repeated with high ratings.

Scan 16

The song “Blue Christmas” is replaced with “Tiger Man”.


The impact of the original broadcast in December of 1968 was so great that Presley’s next two L.P.s, “From Elvis In Memphis” and the double L.P. “From Memphis to Vegas / From Vegas To Memphis” had front cover photos taken from scenes in the “Singer Presents Elvis” special.

The momentum from the T.V. Show, Hit singles of good songs and his Live performing would continue for the next two or three years.