Solo Eagles

Sept. 29th, 1989   With a full-scale Eagles reunion still five years away, Glenn Frey joins Don Henley onstage for the first time since 1980 at a concert in LA. Throughout the decade, band members received several lucrative offers to reunite, but declined them all. Throughout that time period, Glenn Frey & Don Henley were the only Eagles to score Top-10 singles as solo artists.

Glenn Frey:

“The Heat Is On” used in the film “Beverly Hills Cop”. The single made it’s debut on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart Dec. 8th, 1984. It Peaked at No. 2.

Over the years Frey got into acting and struck a friendship with Don Johnson. Two singles by Glenn would be features in the “Miami Vice” T.V. show.

First, my FAVORITE solo Eagles song “Smuggler’s Blues” Entering the charts on Apr. 6th, 1985  and just missing the Top-10 peaking at No. 12.

Glenn’s second Top-10 single was also from the T.V. Show. “You Belong To The City”.  Debuting on Sept. 14th, 1985, and peaking at No. 2.

Don Henley:

A duet with Stevie Nicks “Leather And Lace” Debuts on Oct. 24th, 1981. Peaks at No. 6.

“Dirty Laundry” Charts on Oct. 30th, 1982 peaking at No. 3.

“The Boys Of Summer” Nov. 11th, 1984 peaking at No. 5.

“All She Wants To Do Is Dance” Entering the chart on Feb.23rd, 1985 and peaking at No. 9

Don’s final top-10 single was “The End Of the Innocence”. Entering the charts on June 24th, 1989 Peaking at No. 8.

Now did other “Solo Eagles” have success with their singles? Yes:

Randy Meisner’s single “Hearts On Fire” from his L.P. “One More Song” made it’s debut on the Hot-100 Jan. 24th, 1981 and would miss the top-10 peaking at No. 19.

Also Joe Walsh, who had a solo career before he joined the Eagles had several singles chart. The most successful single by Joe was “Life’s Been Good So Far” which started on the charts June 10th, 1978. The singles would just miss the Top-10 peaking at No. 12

‘nuff said