That’ll Be The Day

Sept. 23rd, 1957 Buddy Holly And The Crickets scored their only US number one hit with their first Billboard chart maker,

“That’ll Be The Day”.

In honor of Buddy’s birthday this year, I thought I’d have a little fun and post photos of all of Holly’s singles to chart in Billboard magazine along with the dates these records made their debut on the charts here in the United States. Most of these records, and sleeves pictured here on this page, are from my own collection.

BuddyDiscgo2“That’ll Be The Day”

No. 1   08-12-57

BuddyDisgo3“Peggy Sue”

No. 3   11/11/57

BuddyDiscgo4“Oh Boy “

No. 10   11-25-57

BuddyDiscgo5“Maybe Baby”

No.17     03-03-58

BuddyDiscgo6“Rave On”

No. 37   05-26-58

BuddyDiscgo7“Think It Over”

No. 27     07-21-58

The “B” side also charted:

BuddyDisgo8“Fool’s Paradise”

No. 58     08-04-58

BuddyDiscgo9“Early In The Morning”

No.32   08-04-58

BuddyDiscgo10“Real Wild Child”

  No. 68   09-22-58

       (Ivan is Jerry Ivan Allison drummer for Crickets. Buddy produced, played guitar & sang Back-Ups on it)


No. 82   12-29-58

BuddyDiscgo12“It Doesn’t Matter Anymore”

No.13  (Written by Paul Anka)   02-23-59

The B” Side also charted:

BuddyDiscgo13“Raining In My Heart”

No. 88      03-30-59

BuddyDisco14The music did NOT die as long as folks like us keep playing the songs at gigs and spinning the records on the turntables!

Rave On Buddy!

’nuff said.