The Beatles Conquer The U.S.A.

Apr. 4th, 1964 The Beatles set a recording industry record that may never be equaled. They held the top 5 positions on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Can’t Buy Me Love” at #1, “Twist and Shout” at #2, “She Loves You” at # 3, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” at #4 and “Please Please Me” at # 5. In Canada, they had nine of the Top 10 singles, while Australian charts they had the first six places.


Here they are listed showing the picture sleeves from the original 45 R.P.M. singles for the most part. In some cases, there were no picture sleeves issued in the U.S.A.

Can'tBuyMeLoveNo. 1 “Can’t Buy Me Love”,

TwistAndShoutNo. 2 “Twist And Shout”, In the U.S.A. there was no picture sleeve for this single.

SheLovesYouNo. 3 “She Loves You”,

IWantToHoldYourHandNo. 4 “I Want To Hold Your Hand”,

FromMeToYouNo. 5 “Please Please Me” my personal all time FAV Beatle or John Lennon song.

BeatlesTop-5CSo what did the rest of the Top-10 on Billboard look like that week?

TerryStaffordNo. 6 “Suspicion” by Terry Stafford. Originally done by Elvis Presley on his “Pot Luck” L.P. from 1962. This single also had no picture sleeve when originally issued in the U.S.

LouisArmstrong1No. 7 “Hello Dolly” by Louis Armstrong. This single would, eventually, be the FIRST No. 1 single by an American artist after the British invasion hit the U.S. It would take top honors on May 9th, 1964. This after the Beatles held the No. 1 spot with “Can’t Buy Me Love” for 5 weeks, “She Loves You” for 2 weeks and “I Want To Hold Your Hand” for 7 weeks. In all, with the three aforementioned singles, the Beatles held the No. 1 spot for a total of 14 weeks in a row from Feb. 1st, 1964 to May 9th, 1964.

BettyEverettNo. 8 “The Shoop Shopp Song” by Betty Everette. Also in this case, there was no picture sleeve issued here in the U.S.

BobbyVintonNo. 9 “My Heart Belongs To Only You” by Bobby Vinton.

GladAllOverNo. 10 “Glad All Over” by the Dave Clark Five. I was in third grade at this time but YES, it’s true, I liked the Dave Clark Five BETTER than the Beatles!

Billboard04-04-64-LargeNow what were some other points of interest on Billboard’s Hot-100 chart that week?

KissinCousinsat No. 17 “Kissin Cousins” by Elvis Presley. This was the very FIRST record I ever bought with my OWN allowance money. “Cousins” peaked the week before at No. 12 and would NOT make the Top-10. Up until this point, only ONE other single of new material failed to make the Top-10 for Presley. This streak, up until this point, started in 1956 with “Heartbreak Hotel” but would soon be a new “Normal” for Presley’s music and his fans. With the combination of the great singles being put out by the British acts and the weaker songs being recorded by Presley for his movies, a long cold winter set in for us Presley fans.

KissinCousinsGoldRecord“Kissin Cousins” was still certified Gold by R.C.A. Victor. Though this is an “In House” award and not certified by the R.I.A.A. The award was matted and framed in a similar style to the R.I.A.A.s.

ItHurtsMeat No. 29, the ‘Flip’ side of the single “It Hurts Me”, was slated. Though a much stronger song than “Cousins” it probably didn’t fare as well being the “B” side as well as not being included in the movie.

ISawHerStandingThereat No. 31 was “I Saw Her Standing There” the ‘Flip’ side of “I Want To Hold Your Hand”. In 1964 “Double Sided” hit singles were given separate slots on the Hot-100 as if they were separate singles. This rule was not changed until 1969.

PleasePleaseMeNo. 41, “From Me To You” the ‘Flip’ side of “Please Please Me”.

DoYouWantToKnowASecretNo. 46 “Do You Want To Know A Secret?”, A song John & Paul wrote especially for George Harrison to sing the “Lead” vocal.

AllMyLovingNo. 58 “All My Loving”. The demand for Beatles product was so high at this time that Capitol records U.S.A. couldn’t quiet keep up. This single is actually on the Capitol CANADA label and was an import but charted just the same. Also, there was no picture sleeve to this one.

Can'tBuyMeLoveNo. 65 “You Can’t Do That”, the ‘Flip’ side to “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

RollOverBeethovenNo. 68 yet another Canadian import single that charted. Lead vocal by George Harrison.

ThankYouGirlNo. 79 “Thank You Girl”, the ‘Flip’ side to “Do You Want To Know A Secret?”.

BeatlesTop-5D-largeIn all, the Beatles had TWELVE singles on Billboard’s Hot-100 April 4th, 1964. ‘Nuff Said.

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