Junior High School

Benjamin Franklin Junior High School in Broadmoor Village, CA is part of the Jefferson Elementary School District which is a K-8 school district headquartered in Daly City, San Mateo County, California, and serving Daly City, Colma, Broadmoor, and part of Pacifica.

I attended Ben Franklin from Sept. 1967 to June 1969 going through 7th & 8th Grades, graduating in 1969 FIFTY YEARS AGO! This is the view of Ben Franklin from Garden Village Elementary School.

Above was my Block that I was awarded for extra curricula work at Ben Franklin. I attended Garden Village Elementary School from Sept 1960 to June 1967 (Kindergarten through 6th Grade). The above “G.V.” block was awarded for similar work.

The view of Garden Village from Ben Franklin. The street between the two schools is an extension of Park Plaza Drive built in 1964. I was in third grade when it was built.

Before the street was built the play yards for both schools was separated by a chain link fence only. This ramp that leads down to the baseball diamond on Ben Franklin’s campus was originally a gate that was open only when the gardeners we mowing the lawns for both schools.

While in the 8th grade I was awarded a block for being on the Baseball team. Believe me folks, I had fun but I’m a MUCH better musician! Speaking of which, here is a lady who is one of the BIGGEST influences on my music.

Meet Mrs. Carolyn Scwartz, the Choir director at Ben Franklin. While in 7th Grade I took her music appreciation class. She was NOT an Elvis Presley fan! Yet the class wound up being the perfect exchange of attitudes. Mrs. Scwartz opened my mind to the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, James Brown and a fella no one in the U.S. had yet heard of named Gordon Lightfoot. Up to that point I listen mostly to Elvis Presley records at home.

In return, as a class assignment, I turned in this, my report on Elvis Presley. After reading my report she definitely had a change of heart. My friend Jana Wirch remembers in class when she handed back our reports, that she mentioned my report specifically and complemented me on how through I was in front of the whole class.

The following year I joined the choir. After being in the choirs in 5th and 6th grades plus being in the honor choirs both years, I didn’t sign up for choir in 7th grade. I realized how much I missed it, so in 8th grade I come back to the fold and Mrs. Schwartz was our director.

We went to a choir competition with choirs from all over the county and took first place!

I mean, c’mon gang FIRST PLACE!

I recently found this article from the local paper that my Mom must have cut out. For years, I thought this competition was at Crestmoor High School in San Bruno, CA. Thanx Mom, the memory can do strange things. It was actually at Aragon High School in San Mateo, CA.

This was our year book, class of 1969, which had typical 1960’s colors and design. I still get kinda noxious looking at it. J

My Eighth Grade school photo. Yeah, I know, a“Beatle” hair cut but I kept my best “Elvis Sneer”. “I got news for you baby, I did 29 pictures like that” – Elvis Himselvis.

What kind of music was on the radio FIFTY years ago? Click on the photo of the record cover or “Da Link” for my article on
Elvis Prersley’s “In The Ghetto”.

While the mailing address for both schools is “Colma”, both schools fall under the jurisdiction of the Broadmoor Police Dept. Thus, both schools are actually in Broadmoor Village, CA.

If you’re good and confused as to where Broadmoor Village is vs. Colma, vs. Daly City, might I shamelessly suggest my book on my hometown. Just click on the photo of the book or on the link below to order it on line:

“Imges of America Broadmoor Village”